Angels with Tails   Leave a comment

Name: Kano & Kitana
Age: 8 weeks
Sex: Kano, Male & Kitana, Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

You will rarely see photos on my blog of cats and kittens in cages because PAWS Chicago has a cageless adoption center. This is one of the reasons that I love volunteering at PAWS so much (and to be perfectly frank, seeing cats in cages is just one of those things that, personally, is incredibly difficult for me). You can actually get into a room and interact with a cat before you adopt them. It is an amazing system that I think more shelters around the country should consider implementing.

A few times a year, however, PAWS takes the show on the road for adoption events in Chicago neighborhoods, hence the cage bars you see in these pictures. These events are always a great time and most importantly, they help us find homes for lots of wonderful animals. Angels with Tails on Michigan Ave. was held this past Sunday and Kano and Kitana were two of the numerous adorable kittens who were available for adoption at the event.

angels with tails


angels with tails


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