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Name: Isobel
Age: 7.5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair (DSH)
Likes: Open windows, being belly-up in the middle of the floor, the red blanket (pictured), hiding important things like keys
Dislikes: Linus chasing her around, Sophia smacking her in the face, closed doors, thunderstorms, wet food of any kind, Linus (wait, did I say that already?)

Isobel came into my life when she was only 6 months old. My apartment building in college had a rodent issue and my landlord was too cheap to hire an exterminator. The solution?  He actually changed the lease to allow pets and paid for Isobel’s adoption fee. It turned out well for the both of us: I got my first cat as an “adult” and my landlord didn’t have to pay for an exterminator for my apartment.

At the shelter, Isobel won me over with her sweet and clumsy ways. When I got her home she immediately jumped onto the large pile of clothes covering the papasan chair (hey, it was college), started purring, and fell asleep. Since that time, we’ve been through 4 moves and 3 different cities together. She is the most well-behaved, easy-going, and tolerant member of my feline family. She demands the least, but deserves the most.



This image was taken with my now deceased Pentax film camera about 6 years ago in the aforementioned apartment, hence the “grain” in the image. Sometimes, I really miss film (just not the cost!)



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