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Name: Rose
Age: 5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Likes: WET FOOD; mashing her face into hard objects and sleeping that way; her cardboard box, cat tube, and tent (no other cats allowed); standing over my face while I’m asleep and shouting
Dislikes: When other cats try to use her cardboard box, cat tube, or tent; closed doors; when me or my boyfriend sleep without asking her first if it is OK; soft sleeping places

For the past week, my poor little Rose has been very sick with some chronic digestive issues, which have precluded me from posting on a regular basis. She is on the road to recovery (thankfully) and it only seemed fitting that my first post after the hiatus be dedicated to her.

Rose came into my life when I went to the shelter to adopt a friend for Isobel and fell in love with an adorable kitten (Sophia). Problem was, she had a twin sister that she was bonded with (Rose), and well being the softie that I am, I couldn’t bear to separate them. So I adopted them both and I couldn’t be happier.

Rose gets her name from the character on the Golden Girls because that is exactly her personality, a little dim but so sweet and gentle. A truly awesome cat who acts as the peacekeeper in my crazy multiple cat household.





Sorry about the size… This is another picture from my film camera which was then scanned into digital.



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