Stick your tongue out   2 comments

Names: Sarah Jean and Blanche
Ages: 1 year and 5 years
Sexes: Both Female
Breeds: Domestic Short Hair (DSH) and Domestic Long Hair (DLH)

Why is it that pictures of animals with their tongues hanging out are so darn cute? I have to say, tongue shots tend to be some of my favorite photos because they have so much personality. Without further ado, here are some great tongue shots to brighten your day:

Sarah Jean Cat Tongue


Blanche Cat Tongue


2 responses to “Stick your tongue out

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  1. Love the kitty tongues. Soooo cute. I do the dog tongue alot and can’t help myself – there’s just something so great about these type of pics.

    Thanks for sharing. I have a white kitty “Brite” and I do so adore the sweet white cats.

    • Thanks! I totally agree… I often find myself waiting for a cat to give me a good tongue shot! Usually if I wait long enough, they forget I’m there and start grooming, then snap–perfect tongue shot.

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