What? You’re taking pics of dogs now?   5 comments

I’m expanding my repertoire! In an effort to express my love and appreciation for all animals, I have decided to expand the breadth of this blog to also cover some of the beautiful canines that I have photographed. Don’t worry cat lovers! I will still be posting plenty of photos of amazing cats as well.

I’m on a mission. I will use the power of photography to prove that cat people and dog people can peacefully coexist!

Now for some pups…

Name: Steven
Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Pit Bill

This dog was FULL of energy for the first 10 minutes that I was shooting him. He was jumping all over me, licking my face, eating my camera strap, tugging at my apron… And then, he just crashed. He curled up in my fellow volunteer’s arms and passed out. Oh, to be a puppy!







5 responses to “What? You’re taking pics of dogs now?

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  1. I appreciate your puppy pictures far more than your fuzzy felines. If I could adopt them all; I would. They make me smile – thank you.

    • Thanks! I love both, but my personal experience had always been with cats until recently.

      I totally know what you mean about adopting them all. If I had all the money in the world, I think starting a sanctuary would be awesome. Alas…

  2. These are fabulous shots of one cute pup. Hope your fine photographs speed him on to a new home.

  3. Look at those eyes. Great photos.

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